Picture Framing-Mounts

There are an array of mounting options available and it's often difficult to know which one is best.  Here's our guide to help and inspire you. 

Window Mounts

Cut with a beveled edge and available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses.  Window mounts draw your eye into the picture and also provide an area of space around the artwork.  The thickness of the mount board helps to protect the artwork by providing a small space between the glass and the paper.

Framed Print with Window Mount

Float Mount

A contemporary look, the artwork is gently held in place to create floating feel.  This works well on paper with deckle edges and artwork that is close to the edge of the paper.  Fillets are used to create a space between the glass and artwork.

Framed Picture Float Mount
Picture frame with float mount

Float + Mount

This method works well on smaller items and pictures that have detail right to the edge.  Similar to float mounting the artwork is gently held in place and the mount provides an area of breathing room to show off the artwork.



Framed Artwork With Float Mount

Mounting with Multiple Windows

A great way of showcasing many images together, windows can be cut to different sizes and shapes.

Multiple Window Mounting
Sara Sulemanji