Nothing can beat the beauty of a hand gilded frame, we use genuine gold leaf to create our gilded frames.  A variety of effects can be created using different shades of gold and finishes and we are able to adjust the finish to suit the artwork to achieve a truly unique frame.


Canvas in gold gilded picture frame

There are two types of gilding, water gilding which is a complex process and involves a great deal of preparation to the frame.  The beauty of this method means that we are able to create a highly reflective surface.  Oil gilding is not as complex and allows us to produces a semi-gloss finish with a softer effect. 


Hand Finishing

The care and attention required to produce a frame can sometimes only be achieved by hand.  We offer a wide range of colours to help you create the look that’s right for you.  We can create a variety of finishes that do not involve gilding.  Subtle details can enhance a picture and make all the difference to the end result.

Artist Matthew Ray

Artist Matthew Ray

Our range of coloured frames have been handpicked from the latest range of on-trend interior colours as well as classic heritage shades.  We are also able to have custom colours mixed if you have specific colour in mind for a project.

The process of hand finishing can take a while but is a very satisfying process, we work with a small range of different wood types that have been tried and tested over many years including ash, oak and lime.  The frame goes through a few stages including careful sanding before the finish is applied.